Corporate Services

HRS offers a complete package of services related to the human resource management necessities of any organization.

HRS Permanent

HRS Permanent is our direct hire service that provides qualified, pre-screened personnel for permanent employment — managed and delivered locally.

HRS Temporary

HRS is professional and licensed provider of temporary staffing solutions. We specialize in providing temporary administration and industrial staff and many other job roles. Whether you are candidate looking for your next contract or an employer who needs staff now, HRS has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

HRS Out-staffing

"HRS Out-staffing" is professional out staffing solution for small and medium sized entities, as well as for big industrial enterprises. Let us help you alleviate your administrative payroll burdens.

HRS Payroll

As professional provider of payroll services, we can help you alleviate your administrative payroll burdens.

HR Trainings

One of our main partners is HR Support Ltd. - an innovative company, successfully operating in the field of talent development. Our main activities are corporate training, team building, assessment/development centers, individual and group coaching, organizational consulting and “mystery shopper” projects.

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